About Addmore


Addmore was established in early 2002 within the picturesque town of Geraldine, South Canterbury, New Zealand. Kate Addis has been with Addmore right from the beginning. Throughout the years she has grown this fledgling business to what you see now.

Kate was the inspiration of the resurgence of Elderflower beverages in New Zealand. Upon her overseas experience in the UK she lived and worked in Dorset where Elderflower products were very popular. This seeded the idea of Addmore Elderflower.

We chose South Canterbury because of its perfect growing area for the Elderflower with its temperate winters to set the flower crops and purity of water. These are all vital ingredients in the natural refreshments that we produce.

All the flowers are hand selected from the region and then handed over to our team of experienced winemakers with an acute understanding of the adult palate. Natural ingredients are then hand blended using traditional methods and combined with the purity of the water from the Canterbury region. Our unique filtering process produces drinks that are light, pure and exceptionally refreshing.





'The' home
of versatile Elderflower beverages

PHONE. (03) 693 8343     EMAIL. elderflower@addmore.co.nz

POST. PO Box 80, Geraldine, SOUTH CANTERBURY 7956